March 10, 2004

Here's something I posted over at Centrist America. I moved to D.C. about 5 months ago, (o.k., o.k., I live in Alexandria, VA) which excited the hell out of me because I love the way the District is laid out and the all the monuments on display. I've visited D.C. several times and never tire of looking at the edifice-in-stone testament to our country and it's history. I'm a visual person and these things really move me. The ideas that they stand for, the people they portray, the sheer meaning behind them, in some cases almost bring me to tears and others send shivers down my spine. Even the office buildings where our officials work everyday are works of art and a statement on the enormity of the task our founding fathers laid before us. Now for those of you that have never been to D.C. every monument has a quote or quotes craved into the stone near the entrance or focal point. Almost without exception these quotes are of the greatest political and social thinkers in our history. The reason I bring all this up is because it was a fairly nice day here today and my wife and I went down to walk around The National Mall and take in the sites. As we begin walking I would stop and read the quotes at each of the buildings we passed. Now, it's no big secret that for the most part our founders were rational humanist, and many of the quotes are of a moderate flavor. These men valued rational thought over pure emotional response when affairs of the government were concerned. The underlying message to future generations is cut into the very granite and rock that represent our country: Do what is right and best for the people, check your personal feelings at the door, remember that you may not be right, open yourself to an honest debate, for to govern is to serve. With all that being said, imagine how different our country would be if our leaders (a.k.a. public SERVANTS) would pause for just a moment on the way into work everyday and read the writing on the walls...

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