November 10, 2004


I'm not so sure that we've come all that far. I'm in the process of reading "John Adams" by David McCullough and I've got to say that many of the same issues we face today have been faced by the our Nation time and again since its inception. Morality, reason, and direction of the country are things that were debated and revisited over and over again by the both the first and second Continental Congress. On just about every issue future President Adams would speak at length. While I'll spare you the quotes I sill say that I firmly believe the days of true statesmen maybe gone. Just reading the thoughts and phrases used by Adams speaks to a great sense of hope and urgency that you rarely hear from today's politicians. In fact, most of his greatest speeches were completely off-the-cuff. No focus groups, no vetting, no nuanced pre-tested ten word lines. Only his heart, mind, and an honest gut check. While Bush gave a rousing speech at the RNC and Kerry stood tall at the Debates neither of them really inspiried me. In fact the only speech I've seen in the last 4 years that made me focus, cry, laugh, move to action, or feel any real emotion at all have been made by Jeb Bartlett (POTUS on "The West Wing" on NBC). Actually I take that back...Barack Obama really had me paying attention to the t.v. I guess the whole point of this is that I want someone to inspire me the way that Reagan and Clinton did from time to time. I didn't get it from Kerry and Bush really tried but fell well short. So for now I'll have to settle for Adams and Jefferson but lucky for me most of the things them spoke about then ring very true today.
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